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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say...

You're probably building an email list, am I right?

Well, if so I want to help you get even better results, faster.

If you have...

- Tried to build your list before but all that's resulted in is you just losing your hard-earned money...

- Wasted your time on traffic techniques that clearly DON'T WORK...

- Or worked tirelessly on sales letters and funnels only to hear crickets and end up frustrated...

...Then you need my Traffic, Funnel, and Conversions Master Collection.
You've already invested in a key element to achieving your goal...

Now... let me fast track you.

My TFC Master Collection is all of my best trainings to help you essentially build your list for free in half the time.

See, once you master the skill of getting conversions, you'll get more people on your list faster.

When you master the skill of setting up effective sales funnels and systems, you'll essentially get your traffic for free when those sales cover the cost of your traffic OR MORE.

And when you master the skill of getting traffic and maximizing it, you can massively increase your profits, virtually overnight.

This "Master Collection" is designed to help you do all of that, as quickly as possible. 

It will be a complete "knowledge transfer" from me to you. In this membership, you get 5 years of in-the-trenches experience, innovation, and sales and marketing secrets.

Implementing just one of the dozens of high-level strategies and techniques you're going to learn in the members' area can not only pay for this entire investment within 24-48 hours... but it can also bring your business to a completely new level within mere weeks or months.

Again, in order to make this Master Collection, I followed the same criteria as the collection you just bought. The items that made it in had to meet these standards:
The strategies and tactics work powerfully
Still highly relevant
Received rave reviews from customers and when sold individually, have an extremely low refund rate
What Does This Funnel, Conversion, and Traffic Training "Master Collection" Include?
My Best Training On Funnels And Conversions...
  • "Advanced Sales Funnel Strategy" (51:16 Video)
    Upsells and downsells are only a small fraction of the overall funnel "picture". In this video you're learn how the pros plan and execute cash-pulling conversion funnels based on consumer desire, market sophistication, prospect awareness, and other critical sales principles.
  • "4X Conversions" (21:06 Video)
    Discover 4 simple and easy, yet little-known conversion hacks that can help you break through barriers and bring you increases as high as 515% from just one tweak.
  • "Copywriting That Always Works" (23:31 Video)
    You're going to learn my method of writing a long-form sales letter that has worked for me 100% of the time. That means a winner every. single. time.
  • "Step-By-Step Video Sales Letters" (1:19:14 Video)
    Video Sales Letters have the potential to bump your conversions by 400% of more. In this video, you'll watch directly over my shoulder as I execute each step in the process.
  • "4X Influence" (PDF Report)
    With new technology coming onto the market... this has become the #1 secret to getting more sales from less traffic, literally overnight, with one simple tweak.
  • "Power Hybrid Business Model" (37:35 Video)
    After years of searching online and testing the market, I've finally formulated the PERFECT online business model for maximum freedom AND an unlimited, scalable income. Learn this NOW before you go through dozens more to figure it out yourself (if you ever do)...
  • "4X Engagement" (32:31 Video)
    Discover how to drastically increase your prospect's level of engagement, resulting in better targeting, higher lead conversions, and more sales. These ninja tactics can bring massive breakthroughs, especially in tougher markets where prospects do not seem to respond to "ordinary" marketing tactics.
  • "4 Steps To A 30% Squeeze Page Conversion Boost" (14:35 Video)
    Doesn't the title say it all? This is the secret sauce used by master email marketers to get those 50-70% conversion rates. It's not rocket science, but it's a process that only the "elite" marketers use and even know how to do.
Groundbreaking Traffic Tactics...
  • "4X Traffic ROI" (PDF Report)
    Discover the basics and some serious ninja moves of the #1 traffic method available for getting the cheapest, most targeted traffic. Use this method and it will drastically increase your ROI on literally ANY campaign.
  • "The Death Of Solo Ads" (PDF Report)
    Wow, what happened to Solo Ads recently?! Lots of problems and nobody talking about solutions - except me. This breakthrough report shows you not only the specific steps on how to avoid a disaster but also get a huge advantage on other people who have NO CLUE what's going on and what to do about it.
  • "Solo Ads Seasoned Pro" (53:02 Video)
    If you've never bought a Solo Ad before but you've been curious about the traffic source (that has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars), then this video will get you up to speed with all of the CRITICAL specifics necessary for survival and success... in less than an hour!
  • "TX7" (PDF Report)
    Discover 7 overlooked, hyper-valuable traffic sources that can help you scale you business to new heights, very quickly. 

Bonus #1: Website Visitor Tracking Software
  • "4X Insights" (Web-based Software Access)
    Take your game to the next level by finding out exactly what people are doing on your sites! This top-of-the-line "heat map" tracking tool is normally $297-$497. Similar softwares are $50/month and above. I have the opportunity to get you access, as part of this package, for just $9.99/month!
Bonus #2: Dynamic Redirect Survey Software
  • "4X Targeting" (Web-based Software Access)
    In the "4X Engagement" video I show you how to get prospects to answer questions that give you data and improve your conversion rates. This is done by "dynamically" showing them offers based upon their answers! This top-of-the-line survey software is the technology you need to make it happen for you. It's normally $197 but I'm hooking you up, as part of this package, for just $7.99/month!
Bonus #3: 360 High CTR "Ugly Banner" Templates
  • "4X Banner CTR" (Resource Pack)
    FACT: Fancy, pretty banners do not get good "click through rates". To get a decent CTR and even give you a shot at succeeding with banner ads (AKA "Media Buying"), you need UGLY banners! Included is 40 (FORTY!) different "ugly" templates in the 9 most common banner sizes. All images come in .psd and .png file formats. Also included is training on how to edit the images with YOUR banner ad copy.
Total Package Value: $946
Regular Retail Price: $297
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Traffic - Funnel - Conversion Master Collection
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"Yes, It Sounds Great... But What's The Catch?"
I'll be honest...

You could always try going it alone, without any of these tactics and tools at your disposal. 

But, if you ended up getting the same results with your traffic and conversions, you'd have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get this information and these resources in the future.

No Worries.

As a thank you for investing with me already, I'm cutting you a massive deal. 

And to ensure you take advantage of this one-time offer, and make your decision as easy as possible...
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AND as a gesture of appreciation... simply for putting your trust in me, you can keep the product anyway.

I offer this without worry or hesitation because I'm 100% confident that you're going to love this training and it's going to work for you if you apply it. Period.
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Traffic - Funnel - Conversion Master Collection
Thank you again for dedicating several moments of your time.I greatly appreciate it. But more so, I’m excited for you to start getting the results you deserve.

Talk to you soon,

David Eisner

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